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About the Book

Tail of Wingnut (“ToW”), in amusing rhyming prose, tells the story of a day out for Wingnut, Pikaki’s legend of a tomcat, who: grew up probably thinking that he was a dog; stole the hearts of all those whom he met; and had a sense of adventure that saw him getting up to endless mischief and ruling his territory with both swagger and poise.

The story has been beautifully, and classically, illustrated, so that, not only is the book an amusing tale, but a genuine work of art. Paging through it, as the story progresses, gives an initial sense of suburban serenity, followed by some fast-paced industrial action. We believe that ToW will be enjoyed by young and old. 

It is a perfect bedtime story to be read to the very little ones, as also a great short story to inspire a love for reading for those tweens who are establishing their own literary independence. Certainly, it will inspire laughs shared between parents and their children.

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About the Author and Illustrator


Paul-Michael Keichel (‘Pikaki’) is a commercial litigator in Johannesburg, South Africa. There is not much room for silliness in his day job.

He has always had a passion for writing and, having written Tail of Wingnut (“ToW”) for his nephew, who is featured in the book, decided to partner with his friend, “Nutt”, to have the book illustrated and published.

He hopes that you, the reader, will enjoy ToW as much as he’s enjoyed the process of completing it.


Megan Nutt Bester (‘Nutt’) is a freelance creative / design consultant, fine artist, illustrator and art director, also, for now, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She has a passion for all things artistic and has turned ToW from a few verses of rhyming prose into the laugh-a-minute adventure that is presented to you today.

Nutt, a mother of two, hopes that this story and its illustrations will inspire creativity and joy in both parents and children, alike.

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Sir Wingnut Tinklebottom

The inspiration for this all.

Charmer of Ladies;
Stealer of Boerewors;
Defender of the Territories.
Now lives on in verse and sketch
(Pikaki always knew that he was immortal).
Mr. Personality.

A one-in-million boy!

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